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The desire to celebrate the coming together of family and friends is universal — it’s no different in South Africa. Just as American families flock to summer barbecues, South African families join their friends at a Braai (or barbecue).  Chakalaka, the Zulu word for “All Together,” plays a big role at parties. Often made using family recipes, Chakalaka is a vibrant and savory accompaniment to grilled meats, hearty brunches and holiday celebrations. 

Chakalaka not only brings people “all together,” but also brings together ingredients from different cultures and parts of the world — including spicy hints of curry, peppers and hearty vegetables.  


Born in the Townships of South Africa, Chakalaka evolved to became a nutritious, tasty dish widely recognized throughout the country. Over time, it evolved through the influences of other cultures, and it has come to represent the spectrum of culture and trade of a region that has been and continues to be a global crossroads.  

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Now, Chakalaka can be conveniently shared in communities across the United States. Enjoy it with breakfast, serve it with your famous lamb chop, or bring it to your neighbor’s annual barbecue. The possibilities are endless. No matter how you enjoy Chakalaka, just be sure to share it with others. 

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